Us 2019 Salary Guide

2019 U.S. Salary Guide

35% of employers cite salary as the main reason for employees leaving - in reality that's more than double its actual relevance to employees.

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Find out what factors you need to prioritize to retain top talent as well as what professionals forecast in 2019 in compensation and benefits, and market and hiring trends.

With this guide you'll learn:

  • Salary trends by industry area and region
  • #1 reason for the skill shortage (rising) and how to bridge the gap
  • Economic challenges and trends as they relate to recruitment
  • How to overcome key recruitment challenges


The fourth annual Hays U.S. Salary Guide is based on a survey of more than 2,000 US professionals and employers and is a comprehensive look at what’s to come in 2019 in compensation, benefits, recruitment and retention trends.

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