2024 Salary Guide & Hiring Trends

Navigating Labor Dynamics in 2024

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2024 Salary Guide & Hiring Trends

Navigating Labor Dynamics in 2024

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Quiet quitting, but is it no longer quiet? Are you snoozing on AI? There is a DE&I gap, but do you know where?

As we step into the dynamic landscape of 2024, these are the questions our 2024 Hays Salary & Hiring Trends Guide addresses. It provides a comprehensive overview of labor market trends including salaries, contractor rates and invaluable workforce insights that’ll get your organization ahead.

In our 7th edition, three forces resonate throughout the workforce that you can’t afford to ignore:

  1. Employee dissatisfaction: 71% of workers want to leave their jobs in the next 12 months as opposed to 60% on 2023. Are you losing your best talent without even knowing it?
  2. AI as a powerful tool for employee empowerment: Only 38% of organizations encourage the use of AI technologies or tools, such as ChatGPT, translations software or Midjourney for work.
  3. The DE&I Challenge: 55% of employees feel their organization doesn’t take DE&I policies seriously while 30% of employers don’t have a DE&I policy at all.


What will you find in our 2024 Salary Guide?

  • Hiring trends and forecast 
  • Employee satisfaction and how to motivate your employees to reduce staff turnover
  • How you can improve your DE&I initiatives to meet employee expectations
  • Top benefits employees are looking for
  • Salaries – average salaries and contractor rates for 500+ jobs across 8 sectors
  • Hottest jobs in 2024

Unlock the door to an extensive analysis derived from the responses of over 3,500 professionals, into the prevailing labor market and insights on employee satisfaction, motivation, and workplace expectations.

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