US 2021 Salary Guide

2021 U.S. Salary Guide

Hiring trends and compensation insights in this new era of work

No one could have forecasted 2020 and the devasting impacts that Covid-19 would have across the country and world. As we transition to the new era of work, businesses are navigating the everchanging landscape. With socially distanced workplaces and hybrid working models becoming more common – agility and adapting to change are key pillars to success.
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Key findings

Here are a few of the top highlights from this year’s results.

36% of employers described their current organizational phase as Business As Usual.

 A third of employers (31%) are planning to increase staff base salaries on 2021 compared to 39% in 2020.

41% of employers are intending to integrate remote work as part of their normal practices. In fact this year, employees expressed that the ability to work from home is now one of their most desired benefits.

44% of employees cited that their company has taken no measures to help support staff wellbeing as a result of the pandemic.

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With this guide, you'll find up-to-date salaries plus:

✓ Current state of the market
✓ Salary and benefit trends by job category and region
✓ Remote working practices – challenges, productivity, and more
✓ Employee satisfaction and wellbeing advice
✓ Pivoting business models

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The fourth annual Hays U.S. Salary Guide is based on a survey conducted from July 15th to August 3rd, 2020 with a representative sample of n= 3,130. This survey was conducted online in English and has a two percent margin of error with 95% confidence level.