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Pandemic Implications for the World of Work Report

How 2020 changed the labor market

The COVID-19 pandemic rocked the world economy, triggering the sharpest downturn in post-war history. While the world starts to get back to the 'new' normal, the ramifications of the pandemic are starting to unfold themselves - and it's only getting started. 
Pandemic Implications for the World of Work’ is a detailed report that examines the impact of the pandemic on the global labor market and investigates potential long-term consequences.

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What are the main themes of the report?

  • Initial impact the pandemic had on employment across the globe
  • The accelerating trend towards hybrid working
  • Borderless jobs and the ability to access larger talent pools
  • Rapid recoveries in many markets, some more demand than ever
  • Young people were hit harder in terms of unemployment than any other generation
  • Women were more significantly affected by the crisis than men


We have worked with Oxford Economics (a frequent partner of Hays), one of the world’s leading independent global forecasting and research consultancies, to produce the report. The report uses existing research and data from global research agencies and academics, to produce an analysis into what these changes mean for the present and the future of the global labor market, specifically the 34 markets in which Hays operates. 

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