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Best practices for Interviewing

Your guide to conducting interviews like a pro

Our comprehensive package will give you the tools you need to hold a successful interview. From interviewing tips, ways to reduce bias in your hiring, to key interview questions to ask – our tools will have you interviewing like a pro.

In this package you will receive:

  • Key questions to ask when conducting an interview
  • How to reduce hiring bias
  • Interview best practices
  • Competency-based questions interview template

Sneak peek of some tips included:

1. Allow time for preparation

One of the most common mistakes hiring managers make is being underprepared. Take the time ahead of every interview to look at your priorities, assess the candidate’s resume, and have an outline of what information you need and what questions you want to ask to get that information.

2. Structure your interview process

Take time ahead of interviewing to establish a structure that will help you efficiently assess each candidate. Setting up an effective interview structure can help you get the most out of a short timeframe. Putting the candidate at ease will allow you to make a better informed decision on their suitability of the position, and will also be a better use of time and resources.

3. Incorporate a standardized template to help reduce bias hiring

Create a template with key areas to identify “evidence” of skills. This helps to challenge a hiring manager to provide examples and focus on the candidates skills, not just their own impressions. Using data to make informed decisions such as skills testing can help to reduce or eliminate bias.

4. Have a second interviewer

Always have at least one other person from your team also interview the candidate. This will help provide you with a well-rounded perspective of the candidate’s fit.

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