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Find the best talent
Hiring 101 Starter Kit

Your guide for sourcing skilled candidates

This comprehensive package will give you the tools you need to source skilled candidates. From identifying the right channels for promoting your job to helping you successfully screen candidates – our advice will ensure you secure the best talent.

In this package you will learn:

  • External channels to use when promoting your job ad
  • Additional ways for identifying qualified candidates
  • Tips for screening resumes

Here's a sneak peek of what's included:

1. The power of social media

Need to access to a larger talent pool? With more people joining social networks and using them for job searching, these channels have becoming valuable for employers. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter are some of the most popular platforms used by candidates. You’ll be able to tap into more details that will give you a closer look into who the candidate is, based on their social profile.

2. Why you should consider existing staff

Have you looked internally? Internal and referred candidates have great success and retention rates. Highlight open positions on your internal communication channels. Many companies don’t think to promote from within, however there are many advantages for both the company and employees, such as fostering loyalty, rewarding effort and ongoing cultural fit.

3. Screen resumes like a pro

How do you build your yes list? You’ll want to start by lessening the pile first and removing those who you would definitely not invite for an interview, due to missing required skills or lack of relevant experience. Once you have that in order, you’ll want to hone in on the candidates who are worth a closer look.

To uncover more candidate sourcing tips, download your free copy today.

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