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Why you should consider a tech role in these Non-Silicone Valley hubs

By Christine Wright, Senior Vice President, Hays U.S. on Monday, Jan 13th, 2020

Silicon Valley gets a lot of recognition as an innovation wonderland, but it’s not the only exciting place for tech talent in the U.S. There are cities across the country with tech hubs and corridors, and they’re eagerly recruiting talented developers, engineers, and project managers. Plus, these cities boast a lower cost of living, allowing tech professionals to stretch their competitive salaries even further.

Thinking of making a change? Here are a few cities across the U.S. to consider.

Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area (DMV)

Tech talent in the D.C. Metropolitan Area, nicknamed the DMV, is in high demand. And while the Amazon news was an exciting boost for the area, the tech industry in the DMV has been thriving for a while. One analysis found that the greater D.C. area boasted the highest concentration of STEM professionals, venture capital, internet speed, research and development spending, share of technologies, and tax spending in the country, making it ripe for innovation. And unsurprisingly, the DMV area has the most job openings for cybersecurity roles in the country.

Average salary from our Recruitment Experts:
• Cybersecurity Analyst: $89,878 USD
• DevOps Engineer: $115,000 USD
• Software Engineer: $118,000 USD

Average house price: $417,400 USD

Average rent: $1,546 USD

Atlanta, Georgia

If you want to experience the start-up energy of Silicon Valley without the astronomical cost of living, Atlanta may be your destination. The city is diligently working on becoming the fintech capital of the country and possibly the world. Nicknamed “Transaction Alley”, almost 70 percent of financial transactions in the country are processed in Atlanta. Consequently, the southern city is eager to hire talented developers, data scientists, and blockchain specialists to meet its fintech innovation goals.

Average salary from our Recruitment Experts:
• Blockchain Engineers/Developers: $150,000 USD
• Data Engineer: $119,498 USD
• Java Developer (with cloud experience): $120,000 USD

Average house price: $287,054 USD

Average rent: $1,475 USD

Houston, Texas

Houston is eager to get in on the tech start-up action. The city already has a thriving economy based on its expertise in oil & gas and healthcare, and it wants to innovate in these areas. When Amazon passed over Houston for HQ2, the city decided to double down on its efforts to build a successful tech ecosystem in Houston, taking a “build it and they will come” approach by establishing venture funds, forging corporate-university partnerships, and opening accelerators.

Average salary from our Recruitment Experts:
• Software Engineer: $110,000 USD
• Software Architect: $125,000 USD
• Data Scientist: $125,000 USD

*Texas has no state income tax.

Average house price: $189,790 USD

Average rent: $1,111 USD

Tampa, Florida

In a recent report, Florida was deemed the state with the second largest increase in net tech jobs, only behind California. Within this thriving state, Tampa is the standout city in terms of tech industry growth as well as its specialization in areas like cybersecurity and data science. Tampa also beat out other cities in Florida for the highest concentration of .NET Developers, Hadoop Developers, and Data Warehousing Specialists.

Average salary from our Recruitment Experts:
• .NET Developer $100,000 USD
• Big Data (Hadoop) Developer $130,000 USD
• Data Warehouse Specialist $110,000K USD

Florida has no state income tax.

Average house price: $242,159 USD

Average rent: $1,339 USD

Raleigh, North Carolina

North Carolina has been called “the tech industry’s best kept secret”. Raleigh, in particular, claims a significant percentage of available tech jobs and extends the added benefit of a cost of living that’s below the national average. Its innovative energy is fuelled by the surrounding high-tech research universities which provide both talent and ideas for enterprising companies.

Average salary from our Recruitment Experts:
• IT Project Manager: $117,000 USD
• Information Security Analyst: $122,000 USD
• Quality Assurance Engineer: $105,000 USD

Average house price: $283,278 USD

Average rent: $1,230 USD

Silicon Valley isn’t the only land of tech opportunities

By considering tech hubs outside the San Francisco Bay Area, you can make your salary go further. This means a higher standard of living, opportunity to meet financial goals like home ownership or paying off student debt, and more disposable income to accomplish other goals like travel or entrepreneurship.

Ready to make a move? Find your next opportunity here.

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