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How to jumpstart your job hunt in 2020

By David Brown, CEO of Hays U.S. on Tuesday, Jan 14th, 2020

The new year is here, so what better time to reflect and think about how you can find your next big gig. Start the year right by focusing your job search and differentiate yourself in a crowded job market. Here are some recommendations that will help you successfully find the right job.

The preparation
Know what you want: Identifying how you want to develop your professional career and the direction you are interested in is essential to creating a focused search tactic. Many times candidates do not know where they would like to be, both in role and industry, which leads to a disorganized search. Posing a clear, realistic objective is the first step that will help steer you in the right direction.

Have a clear picture to focus your search: It is more feasible to apply for positions that you know you would enjoy and see an opportunity to achieve your goals. Putting in effort towards focusing your search not only saves time, but also helps you get a better understanding of the jobs available in the market and the different options that exist.

Be patient: Ideal positions do not appear overnight, so you have to know how to sell and market your resume. Networks such as LinkedIn allow for contact that was previously impossible. This is a vital step in the process because LinkedIn hosts a variety of positions that could be of interest to you. You should use the platform to network so that you can build relationships. Making the right connections can lead you to new job opportunities. Do not forget that looking for work is a job in itself, and finding what you want requires additional effort and must be done with a focused scope.

The process
Preparation for the interview is key: There is already a basic process for studying and strengthening skills, now it is important to do your research about the company. Think about what you already know about them and what more you want to find out. You should know how the business operates at a general level and it’s structure. Compile key information about the company as this will demonstrate to the interviewer that you are well informed and have genuine interested to be a part of their team.

It is important to sell yourself: This is the moment when your profile is directly exposed, so you’ll want to highlight your achievements and awards. Demonstrate how you can generated value through showcasing previous performance and responsibilities. Speak about achievements that you are proud of and think about how your involvement in certain projects has made a difference. From there you can elaborate and explain to what extent you made an impact. You should also highlight your soft skills because interviewers want a candidate who possesses both technical and soft skills. soft skills that you can speak upon include time management, problem solving and adaptability.

Think through your options: Many times despair and anxiety lead to hasty decisions, that lead to bad decisions. You should avoid taking a job just because you received a “yes”. Consider additional factors before making your final decision, such as the work place culture, health & wellness actives, benefits etc.

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