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10 Steps to success when job hunting remotely  

3 min read | By: David Brown, CEO of Hays U.S. on March 23rd, 2020

If you need to focus your job hunt from home, there are several simple things you can do to find the right job for you and increase your chances of success. Here are some key things to consider along your job hunt.

1. Stay in touch with your consultant

Make sure you check in with your recruitment consultant often – they will be standing by to support your job search and applications. At Hays, we have access to hundreds of new jobs every day and are ready to walk you through opportunities that will suit your unique needs.

2. Continue with face-to-face conversations

Even if you can’t meet your recruitment consultant in person, they are still available to speak to you via video call. Just let them know which applications you have access to (WhatsApp video, Facetime, Skype) and we will do our best to contact you.

3. Make yourself available for video interviews

Let your recruitment consultant know that you are open to video interviews. This will give you and potential employers an opportunity to get to know you better. Being able to show your enthusiasm over video could go a long way in communicating your interest and personality.

4. Set up your interview space

The setting you use for your video interviews will speak volumes about your professionalism. Make sure the background is clean, with no distractions or bright colors, and be aware of what can be seen behind you. Stay in the same area and ensure you are not disturbed during your interview – you should be the focus.

5. Dress for the occasion

It’s just as important to make yourself presentable for a video interview as it is for a physical one – and we don’t just mean your top half. Dressing well will not just come across to your potential employer, but will also help get you in the right mindset for a professional interview.

6. Test run your tech

Test your internet speed and stop any other data-intensive activities like downloading or streaming before your interview. Ensure the applications work and that you know how to use them beforehand - being able to effortlessly share your screen, for example, is great for talking through documents or presentations.

7. Practice your body language

All the focus is going to be on you during this interview, so practice your body language in front of the camera and play back how it would look to the interviewer. If you need help, ask your consultant for some advice on presenting yourself on camera.

8. Sign in early

Punctuality is even more important during a video interview than it is face-to-face, as there are no external factors that may affect your arrival time. Sign in early and run some pre-call checks to make sure you’re ready for a prompt start. Ensure you have enough battery on your device and access to a charger if need be.

9. Prepare your closing questions

Just like a physical interview, you make some of your best impressions with the questions you ask. Make sure you’re up to date with your potential employer’s latest activities and ask your consultant for some examples of excellent interview questions.

10. Prepare your follow up and debrief with your consultant

Let your recruitment consultant know that you’re finished. You can debrief, talk about how you think it went and ask them to thank your interviewer for their time. Your recruitment consultant will then let you know the next steps.


Hays U.S. has a robust and flexible business continuity plan in place so we can continue to deliver our services to high standards, whilst maintaining the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff and customers.

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