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Making your team feel valued and respected starts with little acts of kindness. Recognition is a consistent theme we see workers crave to keep them engaged at work. According to our latest Salary Guide & Hiring Trends edition, employees say that recognition is the second top factor that will re-motive them. It can mean giving positive feedback based on results or performance. But sometimes recognition is given more informally: a verbal thank you, a handwritten note, or a social media post. Here you’ll find some simple recognition templates to help you do just that.

All these methods can be meaningful, especially if done in a timely and genuine way. Other than making employees feel great, praising them for their difficult work specifically impacts their behavior and the company's bottom line.

Employers can commemorate staff members' work accomplishments, anniversaries of employment, and professional milestones by using company social media platforms. They can accomplish this by sharing textual or visual content that tells the tales of successful employees or showcases the achievements of a group of people or a single person.

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The primary benefit that social media recognition offers to companies, even those with official recognition programs, is that employees can recognize and appreciate one another daily and publically, rather than waiting for an annual, formal evaluation that is overseen by management.

One of the occasions you can use to celebrate your team or employee via social media is the following:

  • Work Anniversaries - Long Service Awards: As a Leader, you play a critical role in making your employees feel recognized and acknowledged. Anniversary messages celebrate these special days and foster a positive work environment that encourages loyalty and engagement.
  • Celebrating Promotion: When done well, celebrating a promotion can be one of the most rewarding moments of one's career. It is also an exciting moment for people managers. Provide the best experience for your team members when celebrating their promotion and significant milestones.
  • Welcoming Your New Hire: As their manager you are the first person who will welcome them to the team. When hiring remotely or in person, it is important to give your New Hire appropriate recognition, so they can feel connected to the team, company culture, and values. Once your new hire is confirmed, you can promote on social media, to help them to build their network and set them up for success.

To help you promote and engage your employee or team, we are providing you with an exclusive social media recognition template and a post template for Employee Appreciation Day, which you can use on those with your employees publically. When you use templates, remember:

  1. Use our template to create a "congratulations" post, that you can then share on LinkedIn.
  2. Remember to @mention your employee in your post, so they can share good news with their network.
  3. Read the following article to learn more on "How to Mention People in Posts or Comments on LinkedIn"

To download our free social media recognition and engagement template, simply fill in the form. We will send you the template as a Microsoft Office file, which you can edit as needed.

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