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Your IT job questions, answered

What IT jobs and opportunities are available?

Right now, there’s huge demand for experienced, ambitious and skilled professionals with strong technical skillsets. From AI and machine learning to cloud computing and the IoT, new advances in technology are vital to organizations’ growth and success.
We are seeing almost constant demand for desktop support and data scientists, software developers, cyber security experts, infrastructure architects, business analysts, automation and cloud experts as well as IT project managers and change managers.
Leadership professionals with a proven track-record are also highly sought across all industries, as digital transformation continues to take centre stage at many organizations, and tech leaders increasingly have a seat at the decision-making table.

What are the highest paid IT jobs?

Salaries across the board for IT roles are highly competitive. Even entry level positions in software development can command a salary of around $70,000 per year, Project Managers can earn around $100,000, and Business Analysts can receive salaries starting around $65,000 a year to $120,000 depending on location and experieince.
Mobile Developers - iOS/Android/Win can expect between $100,000 to $160,000 depending where there based. 

Architects and leadership professionals can command the highest salaries. Cloud Solutions Architects, and Enterprise Security Architects can earn up to $200,000 in Atlanta and New York.

A CIO or CTO in Dallas could be looking at a salary of between $180,000-$250,000, a CISO in Tampa could earn between $200,000-$275,000 and a Head of Infrastructure in Raleigh between $150,000 - $200,000.

Are both permanent and contractor IT jobs available?

Yes – with the size and scale of digital transformation projects occurring at most enterprises, across the public and private sectors, and a huge range of start-ups and scale-up looking to take their product to market and secure more investment, there are a huge number of exciting opportunities for permanent tech employees and contractors alike.

What are the most important skills for an IT professional to have?

You will need technical skills and understanding specific to your discipline. Degrees or qualifications in a relevant area of computer science are beneficial. However, demonstrable experience can be just as, if not more, important than any qualifications.

As an overall, universal rule, you’ll need a strong understanding of emerging technologies, excellent communications skills, as well as a thirst for knowledge and a passion for continuous development and learning.

Who’s hiring IT professionals?

In a nutshell, everyone. Technology is so integral to maintaining a successful business today, and it’s evolving so rapidly that employers are constantly on the lookout for professionals who can help them realise their ambitions.

That’s why there is huge demand in both private and public sectors, smaller start-ups and scale-ups and large multinationals, for professionals with skills like yours. Unsure where you want to work? As your trusted career partner, we care about providing you with the best service: discussing job opportunities in a clear, transparent and honest way and giving you access to the latest intelligence and insights to shape your decisions.