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Local reports

US What People Want_report cover |Hays US     Hays 2017 Construction Salary Guide| Hay US      Hays 2015/16 Construction Recruitment & Retention Guide| Hay US      2017 IT Salary Guide| Hay US

2017 Gender Diversity Report | Hays US      2016 IT What Employers Want | Hay US      2015/16 IT What Employers Want | Hay US      2016 Tech Talent Guide | Hay US

DNA Series

The Hays DNA Series takes a look at what it takes to achieve a leading role in your industry. Hear secrets to success from successful leaders along with their words of advice.

DNA of a CIO, words of advice from leaders  | Hay US        DNA of a VP of Construction, career paths of leaders | Hay US

Global reports

Recruitment Remodelled Whitepaper:Find & Engage | Hays US      Get your copy of the Hays Journal 14 Intelligent Thinking| Hays US      Hays Journal Issue 13 | Hays US      Hays Journal Issue 12 | Hays US

2016 Global Gender Diversity Report | Hays US      Get your copy of the 2017 Global Skills Index| Hays US      2016 Global Skills Index | Hays US       Gen Y Report 2014 | Hays US