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Local reports

US 2020 Salary Guide_report cover | Hays US     2019 US Hays Salary Guide_report cover | Hays US     The 2018 Hays US Salary Guide is the one resource you need to be competitive in the US landscape.      Employers are you offering the right benefits and incentives to attract the candidates you need?

Get your copy of the 2018 Hays US Gender Diversity Report - discover what's holding women back.     What programs can you company put in place for gender equality? Find out.     Hays 2017 Construction Salary Guide | Hay US     2017 IT Salary Guide | Hay US

DNA Series

The Hays DNA Series takes a look at what it takes to achieve a leading role in your industry. Hear secrets to success from successful leaders along with their words of advice.

DNA of a CIO report, words of advice from successful leaders in tech  | Hay US        DNA of a VP of Construction, secrets to success from leaders in construction | Hay US

Global reports

Recruitment Remodelled Whitepaper:The art and science of successful recruitment    Hays Journal 18_report cover | Hays US    Hays Journal 17_report cover | Hays     Get your copy of the latest issue of the Hays Journal 16, Driving Force.

Global Skills Index 2019/20_report cover | Hays US    2018 GSI _Report graphic     How is Gen Y affecting the world of work? Find out now in our report.