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Two Thanksgiving pies, one with different types of nuts, on a white background with a brown leaf and an acorn.

A successful hiring process requires the same level of planning and attention to detail as a Thanksgiving dinner. We are all familiar with how much goes into holiday planning, from the cooking to the decorations, to figuring out which seating arrangement will cause the least amount of drama at the dinner table. But are you putting the same thought and care into the tasks you do every day?  

Just like the holidays, recruiting is focused on people. Building relationships with candidates and leaving them with a positive experience is the best way to attract and secure the qualified talent that you need. By actively networking, working with referred candidates and recruiters, and creating a unique, seamless candidate experience, you can build a pipeline that gives you access to quality talent on a short turnaround.

It’s important to put the effort into getting it right, because the right person in the right job, with the right team, can change an organization. So to help you get it right, we have created a comprehensive guide to improving your talent acquisition processes.

Whether you’re an HR professional looking for resources to support your line managers, or a line manager hoping to improve your own hiring process, this “Thanksgiving recipe for success” will help you attract and hire better, more qualified candidates.

In this hiring guide, you’ll find all the necessary “dishes and ingredients” for a successful hiring process including:

In this hiring guide, you’ll find all the necessary “dishes and ingredients” for a successful hiring process including:

Some of the steps may seem simple, but their importance is often overlooked. Sometimes going back to the basics and following a fundamental family recipe is all you need to stand out from the rest. In a world where people expect the right jobs to find them, where the talent you need is often in demand and facing numerous offers, whilst budgets are under pressure, this guide is full of practical tips to help you get the foundations right.

In this comprehensive hiring guide, we provide you with templates and instructions on how to execute and integrate these strategies into your current hiring process. Whether you need to start from scratch, or just fill in some of the gaps, you can be sure that this carefully curated guide can take your hiring process to the next level and help you compete for the best candidates.

Based on extensive experience, industry data, and hiring best practices from reviewing the resumes of, and interviewing, hundreds of thousands of people, this guide provides you with the essentials to finding the right person for you and your team.

Redefine your hiring process and start attracting better talent to your team now with our hiring guide.

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