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Q&A: Marty Wilson on hiring insights for the healthcare IT space

Featured interview from our 2019 US Salary Guide

We asked employers across different sectors to share their industry knowledge and hiring advice for our 2019 U.S. Salary Guide. Marty Wilson, Director of Software Engineering at the United Network for Organ Sharing provides her insights for the U.S. healthcare IT space. Here’s the Q&A. 

1. What is your company’s outlook for 2019? (e.g. new sectors/new locations, projects or plans etc.)
We have many projects down our pipeline in 2019. This includes developing APIs that can easily be developed to transport data electronically, implementing new allocation policies, and ensuring that we are continuously populating our Big Data repositories with relevant data in which we can do research.

2. Which areas of your business or industry do you think will have the most growth and why?
We’re growing our Data Analytic capabilities and our ability to provide Data Analytics and Data Reporting services to Transplant Organizations and Medical Societies. Not every Transplant Organization or Medical Society has the capability or staff that we do, and by partnering with them we can provide analysis and help identify opportunities with the goal of increasing transplants.

3. How is your industry changing and how is that affecting the skills in demand?
Over the last two years we’ve built up API skills across the organization. There’s large demand for our systems to be usable on any device. Thus, mobile responsive design is a priority. I’m focusing my Software Engineering team to learn Angular and Bootstrap so we can make all of our systems responsive.

4. We hear from a lot of employers that attracting the best people is getting harder. How do you stand out to attract top talent?
First and foremost our mission is appealing to a lot of people. We’re fortunate to be able to attract top talent as we’re dedicated to saving lives. We also have an amazing company culture that focuses on work-life balance. And our benefits, especially our 401k matching, is extremely competitive.

5. Many employers struggle to retain their teams. What have you found successful in improving retention at your organization or on your team?
People want to learn new skills, and we give everyone the opportunity to learn new technologies like Angular, Bootstrap, and other progressive technologies. We also host Innovation “SONU” Events where Software Engineers can partner with other people to create innovative changes to our systems.

6. What advice would you give someone struggling to hire the right candidates?
I feel that you need to have a three-pronged approach to this: 1) Are you leveraging the contacts of people within your organization? 2) Are you partnering effectively with Universities and Colleges through Internships and Capstone projects? 3) Do you have the right recruiting partners in place?

7. What advice do you have for the next generation coming up the ranks?
Pay attention to your resume and LinkedIn and make sure to include other experiences that show your work ethic. Don’t be reluctant to leverage your networks. Learn how to open up to the world, get engaged in professional organizations and various networking events.

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