2024 Salary Guide & Hiring Trends

Navigating Labor Dynamics in 2024

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2024 Salary Guide & Hiring Trends

Navigating Labor Dynamics in 2024

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Quiet quitting, but is it no longer quiet? Are you snoozing on AI? There is a DE&I gap, but do you know where?

Stepping into the dynamic landscape of 2024, our Hays Salary & Hiring Trends Guide explores the evolving labor market. Gain insights into salary trends and workforce dynamics to propel your organization forward.

Our latest edition highlights three critical trends:

  1. Employee dissatisfaction: With 71% considering a job change within a year, it’s vital to assess if you’re retaining top talent.
  2. AI’s role in employee empowerment: A mere 38% of organizations promote AI tool usage, like ChatGPT and Midjourney, for enhancement.
  3. The DE&I Challenge: A significant 55% of staff doubt their company’s commitment to DE&I, while 30% of businesses lack such policies altogether.


What will you find in our 2024 Salary Guide?

  • Hiring trends and forecast 
  • Employee satisfaction and how to motivate your employees to reduce staff turnover
  • How you can improve your DE&I initiatives to meet employee expectations
  • Top benefits employees are looking for
  • Salaries – average salaries and contractor rates for hundreds of jobs across 8 sectors
  • Hottest jobs in 2024

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