Case Study: Seamless Global MSP Rollout and Implementation

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Case Study: Seamless Global MSP Rollout and Implementation

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The story: Helping a worldwide leader in consulting and IT services fulfill their mission to help the world’s top companies build stronger businesses.  

  • Prior to our partnership, hiring managers went outside of the program to fill roles. Additionally, data capture on contractor spend and other revealing metrics for over 10,000 workers was non-existent. The main challenge laid in optimizing their supply chain, uncovering cost savings, and eliminating non-compliance.


The challenge: The size and scope of their company made it difficult to attain visibility and program adoption.

  • Many workers were misclassified as Independent Contractors, exposing them to employment risk.
  • The client didn’t have a functioning VMS tool and their old tool wasn’t mandated. This led to the overpayment and underpayment of suppliers in accordance with the rate card and hiring managers working outside of the program.
  • Several of the 412 suppliers they used were not accredited or onboarded correctly within their previous service. This led to a lack of visibility into supplier activity and an excess of competition (increasing time-to-fill).
  • HR/Procurement were supportive of a new process while operations didn’t want to transition. 4400 hiring managers were resistant to change, and the benefits MSP governance provides, hindering program adoption and costing the company time and money.


The solution: The biggest impact we identified was optimizing the supply chain.

  • We audited their supply chain and implemented rules of engagement by introducing a vetting process for independent contractors to verify proper insurance.
  • When suppliers understood the needs of the program and were enabled to produce, they became an ally to attract managers towards program adoption.
  • 274 active suppliers were carried over at program go-live and directly connected with hiring managers, streamlining the talent acquisition process. This reduced the amount of time program managers spent meeting and understanding each supplier, giving them a clear understanding of who to use and when.
  • Line manager engagement supported the formal change process and produced reliable and easy-to-analyze data.


The results: Our supplier analysis facilitated a process efficiency optimization, slimming the total number of suppliers by 70%.

  • Now they regularly utilize 55 suppliers and hiring managers are better engaged, motivated, and committed to the program, leading to a 7-day reduction in time-to-hire and a 16.5-day reduction in time-to-onboard.
  • All new contractors are fully vetted and correctly classified making the program 100% compliant and reducing workforce risk.
  • Recovered $1.8 million dollars due to incorrect invoicing.
  • Using Beeline Technology, we have hired 9,100 people to date for positions like Quality Assurance, Helpdesk, Systems Admin (Linux/Windows/Security), AWS, and DevOps.

9,100 hires to date.
Recovered $1.8 million.
Reduced total suppliers by 70%.
7-day reduction in time to hire.



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