Software developer jobs

We’re experts in placing software developers in roles. No matter your coding experience, or coding language, we’ll help take your career to new heights.

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Software developer jobs

We’re experts in placing software developers in roles. No matter your coding experience, or coding language, we’ll help take your career to new heights.

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We’re navigating a world that’s becoming increasingly virtual and super-connected – all thanks to the possibilities realised by talented software developers like you. Simply put, employers don’t want to miss out on the value that developers can offer.

Organizations need developers to design products with improved functionality, deliver intuitive user experiences, and create stronger internal networks. This means that now is a great time to secure a new developer role and rewrite the script of your coding career. 

Whether you’re a front-end, back-end or full-stack developer, we’re here to help you uncover your potential, and become your partner in the tech world. 

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Our network of software development employer contacts is unrivalled – as is our expertise in matching coding professionals with career opportunities.

Want to work at a disruptive start-up leveraging the latest tech? Or perhaps a multinational enterprise with exciting career possibilities? We can provide you the development opportunities tailored to you, with leading employers in tech.



The most relevant coding languages usually depend on the type of Software Developer. For a front-end developer mostly focused on the design aspect, React, Angular, Vue, JavaScript, HTML and CSS are mostly used.  

Conversely, a Back-End Developer who works on server-side coding and integration might use: NET, C#, SQL, Java, PHP, Python, AWS, Azure, CI / CD. A full stack software developer will likely use a combination of the above.

Your salary will depend on your knowledge, experience, and location. As a Developer you can typically expect an average salary of around $120,000 and as a Senior Developer you would typically receive $125,000 - $180,000.

Of course, experience with certain languages and technologies is harder to come by, so employers are prepared to pay more. If you’re a developer with knowledge of Scala – often used for big data and machine learning projects – you’re in a great position to secure a high salary. The same goes for Google-developed language Go. On the other hand, the primary language for writing software for OS X and iOS, Swift, is also in high demand as well as its counterpart Kotlin, which is mainly used for Android Development.

In short, low-code technology is unlikely to replace skilled developers anytime soon. Despite the rising use of low-code development platforms – which remove the amount of code required to develop software – it is unlikely that the technology will replace dedicated developers. 

Low-code technology often has limitations, and skilled coders will always be in high demand for projects requiring high scalability and functionality. Rather than replacing developers, low-code automation often seeks to empower them by boosting productivity. 

Software development trends are in constant flux, but Cloud technologies continue to be adopted at speed by organisations of all sizes across the world. Cloud-native engineers – already in short supply – are therefore in high demand. Investment in AI is also continuously growing as organisations want to make use of machine learning and natural language processing. 

The integration of more emerging technology – such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) - will also create a need for more development expertise in these areas.