Cyber security jobs in the U.S.

With our expansive employer network and proven technology expertise, we’ll help guide you towards your ideal cyber security career.

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Cyber security jobs in the U.S.

With our expansive employer network and proven technology expertise, we’ll help guide you towards your ideal cyber security career.

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Our recruitment experience in cyber security jobs 

The demand for cyber security skills has never been greater. The global drive for digitalization - and ever increased interconnectivity through the cloud across multiple devices and end points - creates huge opportunities for organizations, but also increased cyber risks. This means there is demand for cyber skills across a range of disciplines within this exciting sector.  

The opportunities span the spectrum of cyber security InfoSec/GRC (governance, risk and compliance), security operations and incident response, data protection and privacy through to security architecture and security senior leadership. We’re here to help you make the most of this market opportunity and take your career to new heights.

We can offer you access to our extensive networks and exclusive relationships with employers of all sizes and industries. Plus, our unrivalled market intelligence and the ability to connect you to training that will help you to develop further.

How does this help you? Your choice of the best employers, a job-hunting experience that’s second to none and plenty of new work opportunities. Let us become your lifelong partner and help find the cyber security role for you.

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We’re dedicated to finding a role that not only matches your skills and experience, but your passions and ambitions, too – from cyber security consultant jobs to cyber security leadership roles. 


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Definitely. The shift to remote working boosted demand for cyber security skills, especially in cloud security and base level networking.

With remote, flexible and hybrid working here to stay, safeguarding the digital assets we need to do our jobs effectively will become more critical than ever. Organizations require the right professionals to ensure connections are secure, endpoints are protected and application data encrypted - wherever people are working from.

In short, yes. Artificial intelligence is set to be a vital tool for helping cyber experts stay ahead of threats. Through technologies like natural language processing and machine learning, AI is trained on where the risks of cybercrime lie. Eliminating time-consuming research tasks and providing detailed analysis of threats will give you as a professional the time you need to make crucial decisions and launch a response to remediate them.

Salaries vary widely depending on the role, location and type of company. For a Cyber Security Analyst (Level I, II, III), typical salaries can vary from $80,000 to over $165,000 and as a Cloud Security Engineer it ranges between $150,000 - $210,000 depending on location.

The average salary of a GRC consultant is $166,000 depending on location. An Information Security Manager in Chicago and Miami can earn between $160,000 – $200,000, while ion Los Angeles and New York the range is between $185,000 - $220,000.

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Any organizations that use computerized systems, which means everyone and anyone! Larger organizations in government, financial services, defence, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals are obvious targets. If you’re more junior looking for training or have specialist experience, big corporations have loads of opportunities. SMEs are more likely to hire a security professional into a broader role, often showing flexibility on technology and experience.