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With our expansive connection network and deep technology knowledge, we’ll help you find the best technology project management roles.

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Project & Change Management Tech Jobs

With our expansive connection network and deep technology knowledge, we’ll help you find the best technology project management roles.

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Our recruitment experience in technology project management jobs

From new product delivery at rapidly scaling start-ups to enacting digital transformation at large enterprises, organizations of all sizes in all sectors are looking for talented project and change managers who can deliver successful projects. 

Market expectations for technology project management jobs are clear. Organizations want professionals who can lead and deliver complex programmes, bridge the gap between stakeholders and non-technical experts, and display brilliant communication and agile management skills. Crucially, this should be combined with a strong technical grasp of technology infrastructure.  

Innovation needs to be well-managed to be successful, and new products won’t get off the ground without talented project managers like you to guide them. As a talented technology project manager, you’re therefore in high demand – let us help you capitalize on this opportunity.

If you have a proven record of successfully delivering projects and getting new products from inception to launch in an agile, flexible way, we want to hear from you. And as your lifelong partner in tech, we’re here to offer you valuable insights and opportunities throughout your entire career. 

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An IT Project Manager is responsible for designing, planning, directing, executing, monitoring and completing a specific project for an organisation. To successfully do so, a Project Manager must ensure that a project is completed on time, within the set budget and in line with the scope of work and quality standards.

More specifically, an IT Project Manager delivers cross-functional information technology projects that are expected to deliver business benefits. They coordinate the work of other IT professionals which may consist of inhouse or third-party resources and serve as a liaison between business stakeholders and the project delivery team.

In larger organizations an IT Project Manager may sit under a Program Manager/Director or may be part of a PMO (Project Management Office). In smaller to mid-sized organizations an IT Project Manager may report into a CIO or IT Manager/Director.

To succeed as an IT Project Manager, you must have strong attention to detail and an ability to prioritize competing interests. Furthermore, an ability to lead a team and communicate with influence is of crucial importance, especially when dealing with stakeholders and vendors.

Projects may be centred around transformation, business change or information technology. As a result, the people involved in a project may vary from task to task, making people management and leadership an essential skill.

IT Project Managers bring together a range of technology experts which, depending on the project, may include Systems Analysts, Software Developers, Testers and User Experience Designers to ensure that the information technology needs of an organisation are met.

When working on larger projects, or delivering major transformations, Business Analysts and Change Managers will be part of the project team. Those working with transformation projects must be able to facilitate fundamental shifts in how business is conducted to cope with changes brought about by technology, global trends and stakeholder needs. More specifically, business change based Project Managers focus on the people affected by projects or other changes within an organisation.

If there is one skill that all Project Managers must excel in it is communication. The ability to coordinate delivery teams, influence project sponsors and internal stakeholders, whilst also building a productive relationship with vendors makes exceptional communication skills vital.

More role specific skills include an ability to manage project schedules, oversee sizeable budgets and identify and manage risks. An ability to identify suitable vendors and then manage their delivery is also a key attribute in a proven Project Management professional.

We have found that familiarity with project management software is becoming increasingly desirable. Not only do they provide an additional medium of communication, but they also allow Project Managers to allocate tasks, share files, maintain schedules and generate reports. Microsoft Project, Jira,, Trello and Basecamp are among a long list of software being used in IT Project Manager jobs.

The management of resources (financial, material and personnel) is another skillset that is considered valuable to be a successful Project Manager. Decisions on equipment, facilities and materials used to have a direct impact on the viability of a project.

As a technology project manager, you will be responsible for agile team creation, project design, product development and software systems management across the whole organization.

Strong leadership and communicative skills are a must, and with technology constantly evolving, it’s important that you can quickly adapt to change and steer your team in the right direction.