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Our beliefs 

  • We believe that a culture built on trust, respect, equality and inclusivity will enable us to live our values, achieve our ambitions and deliver our purpose. 

  • We believe that diversity must be evident at all levels of our business and reflect the markets and communities we serve. 

  • We know that actions speak louder than words. Significant and enduring change will need our constant commitment. 

Our commitment 

  • We will support equity, diversity and inclusion in all its forms. 

  • We will place no limits on where we attract talent to join Hays. 

  • Our hiring decisions will be made on talent and potential alone. 

  • We will encourage people to speak up and speak out so that all voices are heard and listened to. 

  • We want all our people to succeed and will strive to help them to fulfil their career ambitions. 

  • We are open to learning and understand we can always do better. 

  • We will support our clients, suppliers and partners to deliver on their own Equity, Diversity and Inclusion ambitions. 

  • We will strive to live our purpose of creating opportunities and improving lives in all that we do. 

Our actions 

In FY23 we will: 

  • Appoint a full-time, dedicated Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.
  • Review, revise, refresh and share our diversity targets in each business region.
  • Continue to publish and share our progress on Gender Targets.
  • Pilot and evaluate a Thinking Partner Program specific to the needs of women in senior leadership.
  • Design, implement and adopt a globally mandated open and transparent process for senior appointments.
  • Implement a best practice, globally mandated approach to inclusive recruitment at all levels.
  • Introduce balanced shortlists for gender (always) and other regional relevant diversity characteristics for all external hiring (excepting volume, entry-level hiring).
  • Conduct a comprehensive Parental Leave review and develop a consistent organizational and employee-centric approach to managing leave and return to work practices.