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Career AdviceTo be successful in your job hunt, it is essential you prepare for each of stage of the process. Every job application, interview process and hiring manager will be unique, therefore a tailored approach to each job role will help you stand out of from crowd and getting the right job for you.

Using our expertise to get the right job for you

Here you will find insights from Hays experts who work with hiring managers every day, advice from employers, industry thought leaders and other job seekers.

Included are key questions you need to ask yourself throughout the process to make sure you are on the right path.  You may feel you already know the answers to some of these topics, however job seeking is ever evolving, especially in the digital age and it is essential to keep abreast of current trends if you want to get noticed by employers.

The job search
Get ideas on setting action plans and establishing a set of target job requirements.

Creating your resume
Find CV writing tips including ideas what to include and how to frame your work experience.

Succeed in interviews
Tackle interview questions and presentations with our interview prep guidelines.

Offers & resignations
Ensure you have a smooth transition into the new job.

Job hunting via social media
Top tips for creating an online profile and navigating the digital environment.