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COVID-19 has made talent shortages more acute and changed the way we work forever. The widespread shift towards remote work triggered by stay-at-home measures forced companies to rapidly shift from a castle-and-moat security model to a zero-trust security model where access to a distributed workforce, rather than a centralized workforce, had to be managed. This expansion into a virtual workforce has increased the breadth and depth of cybersecurity responsibilities and multiplied the number of vulnerabilities available for attackers to exploit.

What will you find in this report?

This reports gives business leaders an overview of the current cybersecurity talent acquisition landscape and trends. In addition to funding limitations and many obstacles that stem from the talent shortage, there are other, non-monetary factors impacting your recruitment success rates. From lack of access to the right networks to an Advice for employers on how to attract cyber security talent from two Chief Information Security Officersunderdeveloped employer brand in the technical talent market.
Understanding the sheer magnitude of the cybersecurity skills shortage will give you the urgency needed to bolster your current and future recruitment strategies.
Profile feature: Hear advice from two Chief Information Security Officers, Scott Miller andJay Wilson

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We dive deep into the security risks of the talent shortage in our brand new whitepaper. 

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