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Cyber Security Talent Report
Addressing the Skills Gap

50% of organizations have been impacted by a security breach in the last year

Is your organization prepared for what lies ahead?
Get a copy of our report to learn about the security risks companies face, the market for and sources of cybersecurity skills and what factors to prioritize to attract this in-demand talent. 

What will you find in this report?

  • Current cyber talent acquisition landscape and trends
  • Top 3 security challenges
  • Profile of a typical cyber security team
  • How to attract and retain cyber specialists 
  • How professionals can further their careers in this market
Profile feature: Advice from two Chief Information Security Officers, Scott Miller, CISO of Mr. Cooper Group and Jay Wilson, CISO of Healthgrades


About the report

Findings were comprised from a survey of US professionals and employers from December 2020 to January 2021 and is a comprehensive look at the cyber security talent acuisition landscape and trends.

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