2018 Business Outlook - IT

Tiffany Penn headshot | Hays US InterviewInterview with Tiffany Penn

Director of HR & Client Services, Fusion 

What is your company’s outlook for 2018?
Our ambition is to become the best global provider of optimized ancillary experiences. Our goal this year is to dominate the existing market and expand our global footprint with our current clients by investing in our professional service lines.

Which areas of your business or industry do you think will have the most growth and why?
Our third party business, especially within the travel insurance market, because it is a very competitive market and Fusion is able to provide the edge that our clients need to increase their ancillary revenue. We are offering optimization, machine learning and AI for our clients now and plan to grow this service offering even more.

How is your industry changing and how is that affecting the skills in demand?
Our industry is becoming heavily focused on data analytics and SEO strategies. With this being said, we are seeing a lot of demand for machine learning, AI, data analytics, and SEO professionals and a less of a demand for developers.

Fusion logo | Hays USWe hear from a lot of employers that attracting the best people is getting harder. How do you stand out to attract top talent?
We lead with the forefront of our culture. We have a great value proposition which consists of growth potential, team oriented, ambitious, and fun working environment. Our employees and partners are fans!  Having them as champions during the hire process has helped in attracting some of the very best talent to the Fusion team.

Many employers struggle to retain their teams. What have you found successful in improving retention at your organization or on your team?
We create an environment where the employees are an asset to the company. Everyone in the company has a voice and we conduct quarterly surveys to see what changes we need to make to retain our employees. We value them and recognize them for their work. We encourage employee engagement. Employees here have the opportunity to innovate new products for the company and work with the newest, greatest technologies and tools.

What advice would you give someone who is struggling to hire the right candidates?
Always involve the team in the hiring process because they may see something you do not. Look beyond the resume – focus on cultural fit, skills can be taught. Hire folks who are innovative and have entrepreneurial minds. Look for the passion and not just at the resume or experience. Passion and the right cultural fit has much more of a value add over just having the skills and experience.

What advice do you have for the next generation coming up the ranks?
Go after what you are passionate about. Don’t just take a job, find a career you want to stick with and grow in. Be career focused!
Also, do not overlook IT as a career. It is a super-hot industry and has changed so much, and companies cannot run without it.

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