Developers: Ask a recruiter for advice

Maggie Emons,  IT Team Lead

As part of our ‘Ask a Recruiter’ series, we spoke to Maggie Emons our IT Team Lead, to get an inside look at what characteristics help Developers stand out. Have a look at her must-know advice that is sure to give you a one-up against the competition.

1. When you meet with developers what are some key characteristics you look for?

When I meet with developers I look for someone who is personable – everyone wants to work with someone who is friendly! Having good tenure is also a plus, unless you are a professional consultant who typically does short term projects. Additionally, it is beneficial to have experience working with certain technologies that are relevant to the requirements we see in job advertisements.    

2. What are the most in demand technical skills that developers should have?

I am finding that employers are looking for candidates with cloud – AWS/Azure/GCP skills. Additionally, The JavaScript frameworks – React and Angular are the most in demand in the Tampa market.

3. What are some key data certifications that will help give developers an advantage?

Currently, some of the certifications I am seeing more and more of are within Microsoft Azure, AWS and Scrum. If you are specialized in Salesforce, any certification is great and can pull a lot of weight.

4. How should developers prepare for an interview?

My advice would be to brush up on the technologies that are needed for the job. If you are missing a skill, make sure to have great examples of the training you did to help yourself become familiar with the technology ad how you were able to get up to speed. You should also do your research on the project/product you will be working on and provide examples on how you can contribute.

5. What are some tips to help showcase experience and projects on a resume?

For more technical resumes, make sure the technologies that are required for the positions you are applying to are clearly stated, just in case someone more technical is reviewing it first. The more detail the better I’d say!

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