3 Story Software

Company Overview

3 Story Software is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company founded in the fall of 2007 and is located in a classic, small New England town 75 miles north of New York City.


Our CEO is one of the original pioneers in the VMS technology sector and the founding team has worked closely together for many years. We had a background at Ensemble Chimes and several of us had written commercial code (for Microsoft, among others). We started in this old "house" with a blank whiteboard, shiny new Macbook Pros, and a big vision for reinventing vendor and workforce management software that runs in the cloud.

Over the first three years we designed and built a heavy-duty platform that would scale up (and out) to support thousands of customers, a platform that runs across many databases and servers, and supports many different languages. We built atop that platform a powerfully simple Web product that solves a large spectrum of problems, from simple temporary workers to complex project services, for big and small enterprises throughout the world.

We also had a simple but elegant concept of everything in this sector starting with the basic idea of a project: a temporary worker showing up for a week at a bank; a security company providing security services at Yankee Stadium; a crew doing a massive turnaround at a power plant, with lots of tasks and milestones. So we built the product around this idea, threw the first version away, then built it again. Now we have a really cool platform and product that we're proud of, and we continue to evolve it every day, so it's simpler and better and more people can enjoy using it and get value from it.

In May of 2011 we were acquired by Hays plc, the UK's leading recruitment company, with a large footprint in 31 countries and over 7,000 employees. We've benefited hugely from the global reach of Hays, their financial strength, the incredible brand, the passion of its leaders, and the vast amount of workforce intelligence from years in the industry. We operate as a stand-alone company but work alongside Hays in markets where they are especially strong, including the UK, Australia, Germany, and many other places.

While the product does much more than the old-fashioned VMS products floating around in the cloud, we have a simple goal in mind over the long haul: VMS for the masses.
For more information about Hays see www.hays.com

Why 3 Story Software?

We're a bunch of guys who like writing code for a living and we're looking for someone to join in on the fun. We're a small company; you enjoy having your work make a direct impact. You like to try new and different things; we're building software for diverse markets (Vendor Management, Supply Chain Management, Applicant Tracking, etc). We read Joel Spolsky, Eric Sink, and Paul Graham regularly; you're looking for a company that's hopefully heard of at least one of them. We own copies of (and have actually read) Peopleware and The Mythical Man-Month.
The Product

A VMS and Workforce Solution that works.

Manage contractors, complex project services, and permanent recruitment in our all-in-one cloud-based application, built on a modern and scaleable Web 2.0 platform. VMS for everyone—small, medium-sized, or large enterprises around the world are signing up to use powerfully simple 3 Story Software.

3 Story Software supports a radical new approach to configuration: hide the features you don't need, use your own terminology, configure your own workflow and templates for each part of the organisation. We can integrate with your ERP, procurement, or even time clock systems. Users can write their own ad hoc reports. We make it easy with powerfully simple online configuration.

What does a global VMS platform look like? It supports many languages, local rules and tax regulations. It supports all major currencies and real-time exchange rates. If you've been looking for a truly international VMS solution call 3 Story Software.

Unique Features

It's Powerfully Simple
The thing we hear the most from customers is the product is easy to use; yet it is powerful enough for customers with a few thousand workers, hundreds of locations, and hundreds of suppliers.

All-in-One solution
Temporary, Project, Permanent. Yes, you can find other systems that have one of these types of workforce solutions. But can you find a simple one with all three? Where you can see this picture below?

Multi-tenant architecture
One site for all users. Suppliers have one account (not dozens); workers have one account. Customers benefit from a unified feature set that evolves at no cost. This is how a modern SaaS application looks. Ask your current vendor if this is their architecture:

Highly scalable, multi-database architecture
We pull off a neat trick. We support multi-tenancy, but we keep all customer information in separate databases. It's an elaborate behind-the-scenes effort of queuing and caching but it is truly the best-of-both worlds approach. Our system would perform with a hundred customers (and does) or a thousand due to its scale-out architecture.

Multi-language and fully localized
Yes, we realise there are other VMS products out there. But how many support multiple languages within the same instance, so one customer can have French, English, German, and Spanish speaking users? How many support currencies with an exchange rate engine?

Support for all modern browsers and mobile devices
Yes, not an innovation but we support anything from IE 6 (we know, don't remind us) to the most recent version of Safari on the iPad.

Modern web services platform

We can certainly receive or send files to you if that's your preference. But we have a more modern and durable approach to integration that uses the latest XML standards method for securely integrating with our application.

Everyone says their product is configurable. We can show you how flexible ours is by changing all the terminology, changing the workflow, hiding half the features, changing the permissions structure, and the list goes on for many pages.

If you want a best-in-class product, that's a true international solution, at less than half of what the competition costs, 3 Story Software is the right platform for you.

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