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How to format


Your resume should be a savvy sales document showcasing your key achievements. Every job you apply for is different, therefore tailored resumes will stand out from the rest. Develop a profile that demonstrates to hiring managers you are the right person for the job.

Introduce yourself using a persuasive value proposition.
Demonstrate that you will provide the solution to solve the hiring manager’s challenges. This overarching statement should drive the employer to pick up the phone to speak with you.

Include a key skills and/or key achievement list.
Pull three to five relevant examples from a master list, specific to the role you are applying for.

Describe your position within the company.
Provide a short summary line about the company and /or project and where you fit in the hierarchy; this will help hiring managers to envisage the scope of your role. Be sure to document if the business name has changed. Eg. Suncor (formally PetroCanada)

Explain what you do, why you do it and what the result is.
Duties must be concise and with a clear goal to demonstrate that everything you do goes towards achieving something for the business.

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