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How to prepare for job interviews
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The interview is the time to demonstrate your relevant skills, experience and personality fit for the job. Be in control with careful preparation and research about the interviewer, company and current trends in the industry.

The interviewer: check their online profile; you may have a shared history or connection and you’ll then recognize them from their photo.

The company: have they been in the news recently? Have they won an industry award? Has there been a merger or acquisition? Make sure to drop this your knowledge of this information into the conversation.

The project or industry: have there been any hiccups or issues? Have there been any developments in the sector or region which could impact the project or any recent regulatory changes?

Check directions: where possible visit the location before the interview to check for traffic issues or construction. For interviews to a site, allow plenty of time to get through security and registration; find out in advance if there is parking for you. At the very least look at Google Street View to see the site layout.

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