Creating your resume
3. Questions to ask yourself

A resume is a constant work in process and should be updated with new achievements and experiences regularly. Sense check your resume and ask yourself pointed questions as to what is relevant or of interest to a potential boss.

Have you included enough detail about your current company?
Eg What industry is the company in, what services does your business offer, is it a global, national or local firm?

Is your contact information clear and professional?
Create a new professional email address if necessary. Make sure you have a professional voicemail set up and be sure to check and respond to this regularly.

Have you included education, certifications and memberships groups?
Not only is this is important information but demonstrates an ambitious and proactive nature.

Do your hobbies and interests add any value to your application?

Personal interests are another opportunity to promote your suitability for the job. Maybe you are involved in membership groups in your free time? Including hobbies such as fishing or reading is down to personal preference, but if you decide to include them then keep it to a minimum.