Creating your resume
4. The cover letter

Your cover letter should compliment your resume and be tailored to your job application. Some employers tell us that the cover letter is important and others don't even read it. Work with your recruiter to find out if a cover letter is needed and what you should include to help make your resume stand out.

A cover letter is not a resume replacement.
Be sure to include all key details on your resume first and foremost, just in case the hiring manager doesn’t read the cover letter.

A cover letter must add value to your application.
Include further depth to your submission by highlighting key successes or case studies pertinent to the job you are applying to. Don’t just copy and paste your resume into a letter format.

Keep it personal but professional.

The cover letter is a good opportunity to personalize your application with a little of your character. Tell the hiring manager why you are particularly well suited to this role and what attracted you to the company.

Do you need a cover letter?
Many businesses don’t require one so don’t divert too much time on this unless stipulated by the hiring manager.