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Businesses, and leaders in particular, need to work harder at helping employees put down their tools and take a break. Leaders can ensure their teams invest time in getting away from work by Creating a guilt-free zone, Leading by example and taking an interest in their employees.

If there’s one thing social distancing measures have shown us, it’s that a large percentage of the workforce can work productively and successfully from home. The traditional perspective that people must be physically present in one set workplace during standard business hours has been turned on its head. Skepticism has been replaced with a new-found awareness that output, performance and job...

If you are experiencing unusual tiredness you are not alone. From Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype and everything in between, our days quickly fill up with video chat appointments. As we try to use video chat to compensate for the loss of face-to-face interaction, it is important to take a step back and ensure we do not get overwhelmed. Follow these tips below to help prevent video call burnout. ...

The coronavirus crisis has afforded many people greater time and space to focus on all aspects of their lives, including their careers. Granted, we may greatly differ in our individual situations – many have unfortunately lost their jobs over the past two months, some perhaps have experienced a change in working patterns or other circumstances during this time. Although approaching this moment...

Lockdown can affect us all in different ways, as we each have our own unique experiences. For instance, Some people live by themselves and will be facing isolation on their own, whereas others have young children or elderly relatives living with them. No matter your situation, working remotely for a long period of time has the potential to negatively impact your mental health and we must take...

A key role for leaders is to engage and motivate their team – but how? And how can you do it when everything is so uncertain and different? To help us find the answers, it’s useful to look at some of the main elements of engagement and motivation. There are numerous engagement theories and models our there – in fact, the ‘Engaging for Success’ report of 2009, estimated that there are over 50...

Leadership and management takes place largely through face-to-face, in-person conversations – conversations about targets, priorities, context, solutions and achievements. Some of these conversations are formal, but many are informal, happening on more of an ad-hoc basis. As we move to virtual working we need to take a step back and think about these conversations. We need to work out how we...

Most of us have been working from home for a few weeks now and are starting to get used to our new routines. As we continue to adapt and create our work schedules, it is important to carve out time to ensure we maintain a work- life balance. In this blog you’ll find some activities that you can partake in to keep a work- life balance, even while working from home. Learn a language Seeing as...

If you need to hire while working remotely, there are several ways to ensure a successful video interview and find the right candidate. Choose your type of remote interview We recommend conducting video interviews even when you’re working remotely. There are two types of video interviews – one-way and two-way. In a one-way interview, you send your candidate a list of questions and they send a...

Managing teams across different offices can be a learning curve, and it can take time to refine and perfect a way of doing things. Giving teams a sense of independence, but also being involved enough to make sure they’re happy and productive, is a balance that can be achieved. Here is some advice that will act as a springboard for team leader to establish what works best for them and their...

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