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Your career is a journey with many opportunities to explore. As a trusted partner, we guide thousands of professionals and employers through every step of their way. From industry specific insights, interview preparation, to team management and in-demand jobs – we’ve got you covered.


We asked employers across different sectors to share their industry knowledge and hiring advice for our  2019 U.S. Salary Guide .  James Riso, Principal of Briarwood Organization–a family owned development company based in New York–provides his insights for the construction market. Here’s the Q&A. 1. What is your company’s outlook for 2019? (e.g. new sectors/new...

The cost-savings, efficiency, and improved control offered by direct sourcing makes it a popular program choice in Europe. Could direct sourcing, or contingent RPO, be the answer to your recruitment challenges?

Honesty is always your best policy when dealing with a prospective employer. There are things that should go on your resume, and things that shouldn’t – knowing what to include and what to omit is what separates a mediocre application from a great one. But transparency is key, and how it affects your job search can be the difference between applying for the job, and getting it. The one...

Refreshing your resume is a necessary phase of your job search. Here are some of the most effective ways to ensure you’re presenting your best self to potential employers.

During my years in recruitment, I’ve found no better way to state your case and prove you’re the most effective candidate than the STAR technique. A structured, engaging approach to interview answers, STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result. The technique forces you to stick to a simplified, cogent framework and back it up with relevant examples. The STAR technique in practice ...

You want that next tier of experience, that shot at better managerial postings. So why aren’t you getting them? Odds are it’s your resume. Many experienced, senior-level jobseekers struggle when attempting to update their resume, overloading their resume with a sea of job titles, skills, qualifications, and experience. Let us help you write a concise, relevant, impactful resume that stands out...

Getting to the interview stage can already feel like a big win in your job search, but often walking out of the interview it’s hard to judge how it went. Many people tell us they don’t always remember what they said, even those who get the role. So how can you tell if the interview was a success? Your recruiter will be able to call you with specific feedback after they talk to the...

So what goes through a recruiter’s mind as they read your resume, and how can you make it to their shortlist?

As the official recruitment partner of New York City Football Club, Hays placed Fred with the club in 2016 and recently caught up with him to discuss his career, experience with NYCFC, and advice for aspiring financial leaders.

in order to gauge how much your boss cares about your career progression, ask yourself whether they are taking these below steps regarding your development? Read more

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