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If you’re a cybersecurity professional, you either work in-house at a company or as part of a cybersecurity firm. For those interested in a change, it’s worth considering how the other side spends their working hours, and if the alternative is right for you.  An in-house cyber role at a company  Overview of an in-house cybersecurity role You work with the same team and IT...

New types of attacks are being dreamt up with increasing degrees of sophistication, and organizations are particularly worried about ransomware. But what have these changes meant for organizations?

As a result of the global COVID-19 outbreak, the world of work is undergoing unprecedented long-term change. Our professional lives will never be the same again, and that presents a challenge for leaders. We spoke with Alex Fraser, Group Head of Organizational Change at Hays about how leaders can manage the significant changes, as we transition to a new era of work post-crisis. How important...

Networking: a word that drives fear into the heart of many introverts! That’s often because many still have a stereotypical view of what networking means. Such as working a room and making a strong charismatic first impression in a time limited situation. This is a very narrow and outdated view of networking in our current world. Of course, now, in the midst of a pandemic, being physically...

Nothing beats that feeling when you first set out on a search for a new job. You’re excited for the future, eager to embark on new challenges and highly motivated to wow potential employers. However, for those who find their job search is taking longer than expected, these feelings of optimism can soon wane, and job hunting starts to feel like a chore. With each rejection comes doubts about...

As part of our ‘Ask a Recruiter’ series, we spoke to Maggie Emons our IT Team Lead, to get an inside look at what characteristics help Developers stand out. Have a look at her must-know advice that is sure to give you a one-up against the competition. 1. When you meet with developers what are some key characteristics you look for?   When I meet with developers I look for someone who is...

Hays Worldwide - Careers Advice Podcast · 8: Top tips for a winning job search - Marc Burrage, Managing Director, Hays Japan   What is the best way to go about searching for a new job? To help us understand some top tips for a winning job search, I shared my advice on the Hays Worldwide Careers Advice podcast, see below for the audio and transcript. 1. It can be so tempting to dive...

This will be a pivotal moment for many people’s career. No matter where you find yourself during this shake-up, there are several steps you can take that will help you continue to thrive. Five ways to boost your career prospects in the post-COVID life sciences industry   1. Take control and be proactive. Research the changes that are taking place in your company and the industry...

The fact that you’re reading this blog indicates you may have accepted a new job offer recently, so congratulations! If the current circumstances mean you’ll be starting your new role remotely, it’s important for you to understand how your onboarding process may differ from one that is office-based, while doing all you can to ensure you start your new role as positively as possible. There are...

At the beginning of this year – which feels like a lifetime ago – the jobs market here in the US was on track to thrive with record low unemployment rates and a very bullish economic outlook. Then, out of nowhere, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and turned the global economy on its head. As a result, the hiring landscape has shifted significantly, with industries experiencing severe uncertainty,...

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