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As organizations place greater importance on sustainability and the practices that come with it, there are more and more opportunities for candidates to carve out a career in this field. Whether you’re an experienced specialist or even someone looking to transition into the sector, companies are on the lookout for passionate people. Today, I’m delighted to be joined by Hays’ very own Fiona...

The job search process is about quality over quantity, so take your time to read each job description and only apply for roles that are suited to you. Before you send each application, take the time to adapt your resume by removing information which isn’t relevant to the role and elaborating more upon the skills and experience which do deem you suitable.

Learn how to receive feedback by active listening, recognizing the giver, asking questions to probe, probe to better understand and probe to understand.

Learn how to build mental toughness through 1. Self-awareness, recognition, and diagnosis 2. Deciding to take action 3. Action

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in the world of work is vital if all employees are to realize their full potential. For candidates looking to progress in their current workplace or find a new role elsewhere, an organization’s commitment to these pillars will affect their experiences and opportunities. Today we welcome Sheree Atcheson, an award-winning leader in Equity, Diversity &...

In 2020 we faced more significant challenges than many of us could have imagined and, while 2021 gave us an opportunity to adjust and reflect, what we know now is that the changes brought about will not be reversed. While it’s an uncomfortable admission to have to make, many of us, as business leaders, haven’t always known the answers to the questions posed to us along the way. That’s ok. The...

The cyber industry has not grown at an equal rate across the globe, which is often down to a difference in perspective and attitude. Technical skills are important for a career in Cyber, but the importance of soft skills, like communication should not be overlooked as this will help with their ability to speak the business language.

With so much talent needed, making organizations more accessible to neurominorities may hold the key to the solution. Adults with conditions such as Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Dyslexia are still hugely underrepresented across many workforces, yet they offer many strengths.

Staff are tired of putting their career development on hold and feeling unsupported by their employers. Record numbers of people around the world have come to the realization that, for them, enough is enough and are considering voluntarily leaving their jobs for reasons such as, wanting career growth opportunities, a higher salary and the ability to work from home full-time.

Contractors will be looking for roles which involve challenging but impressive projects that they will have the opportunity to be apart of. They are also attracted to roles which could expand their network of future contacts. You will also want to offer flexible working options as they are attracted to companies that offer work from home and flex hours.

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