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The need for mobile optimization and social integration has evolved the front-end developer role in particular. Websites, apps and social pages are digital ‘shop-windows’ for businesses. They need to be attractive, intuitive, reactive to change and constantly reviewed for SEO.

During the anticipated “post-COVID talent wars”, employers will differentiate themselves by offering flexible work options. Companies need to scale their cyber security teams as shift there will be a shift to cloud-based or cloud native work environments which require specialized cyber security talent.

What are the factors you look at when deciding to apply to a company or not? Is it their compensation, benefits, or remote working options? If you have an eye on building your career, you might look beyond the things you’ll experience personally and look at the strength of the company itself – its market share, profitability, brand reputation. All these things are important, and a...

Hays Worldwide - Viewpoint Audio Narrations · How to attract Generations X, Y and Z to your business   There are five generations working side-by-side in many of our workplaces. Age diversity can be attributed to the fact that later retirement and longer life expectancy means that the Traditionalists (born prior to 1946) and Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) will be working...

When I step back and think about the most successful people I have come across in my career, they share a common theme. They all seem to genuinely enjoy learning new things and will continually challenge themselves to grow and develop. They may be at the pinnacle of their game, but they accept that they still have much to learn and actively go out to discover what they are missing. I really...

The pressure for companies to go green is growing, from both consumers and employees. Furthermore, they need to show authenticity when evolving. But how can organizations take steps to improve their green credentials, and can it benefit their business? The drive towards a more sustainable, low-carbon way of life to tackle the threat of climate change continues to build momentum. It’s...

Whether it be helping to save the planet, working to improve communities, playing our part in enabling people to reach their full potential, or simply improving the lives of customers, we are all motivated by something much bigger than ourselves. Ultimately, what all of us human beings are looking for is a reason to get up in the morning, a reason to contribute. And a big part of that sense...

Digital disruption is a phrase we are used to hearing by now. This refers to how new digital technologies are enabling us to change how we do things, such as interacting with customers or linking a business’ internal system with its suppliers’ for faster, more efficient ordering. Digital disruption to your resume You can also have a similar ‘disruption’ or innovation to your resume that...

Digital technology is having a huge impact on both society and the workplace, generating unprecedented and constant change. Increasing levels of automation and the growing adoption of artificial intelligence and robotics software across many industries are transforming the world of work around us. With all of this innovation comes a lot of change, not least to jobs, tasks and skills....

If you have a science or science related degree, a PhD or experience in a related industry, you have already met the base level qualifications requirement for working in a research-focused team, such as medical affairs, in the life sciences industry. The main objective of the medical affairs team is to strategically partner with the commercial and research roles within a...

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