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Whether hiring or looking for your next career, this blog is a key recruitment resource, equipping you with the information you need for recruitment or job seeking success.

Get the latest insights and market research from your recruitment experts in top industries including construction and property, resources and mining, technology, and banking and financial, and learn from our team's breadth of knowledge on different functions such as accounting, IT, estimating, human resources, procurement and supply chain.

“The key to my success was…” Get the inside scoop on how construction leaders overcame obstacles

Posted by James Hawley, Hays USA EVP, on Monday, Mar 6, 2017

Hays Blog: The one thing you need to overcome an obstacleEveryone comes across obstacles when progressing through their career and construction has just as many as any other. We asked several leaders in construction what road bumps they experienced in their career paths and how they overcame them.

Everyone had different specific problems, but their solutions had a common theme.


Scoring as a VP of Finance with NYCFC

Posted on Wednesday, Mar 1, 2017

Hays Canada Blog: Scoring as a VP of Finance with NYCFCWith more than 15 years of experience in the financial function, Fred Bunker has worked for a range of companies in the sports industry, from the New York Jets to Madison Square Garden. As the official recruitment partner of New York City Football Club, Hays placed Fred with the club in 2016 and recently caught up with him to discuss his career, experience with NYCFC, and advice for aspiring financial leaders.


New cyber security challenges: what it means for your job

Posted by David Brown, EVP, Veredus, a Hays company on Thursday, Feb 16, 2017

Hays Blog: What do you need to know about changing cyber security concerns?New types of attack are being dreamt up with increasing degrees of sophistication, and organizations are particularly worried about ransomware – malicious software that locks or encrypts documents on a computer and demands a ransom to unlock or decrypt it.

What do these changes mean for your IT career?


How to secure business engagement and ROI when procuring HR services

Posted by Travis O'Rourke, Vice President - Client Solutions on Friday, Feb 10, 2017

Hays US Blog: How to secure business engagement and ROI when procuring HR servicesNo business function operates in a silo, and procurement is no exception. It’s not news that internal relationships are key to delivering strategic and savings objectives, but still many procurement professionals find it tricky to know where to start, particularly when it’s the first time an organization has explored a particular procurement solution.


6 ways to know your boss cares about your career

Posted By Dan Rodriguez, CEO, Veredus, a Hays company on Friday, Feb 10, 2017

Hays US Blog: 6 ways to know your boss cares about your careerNo matter your field, constant progression during your career is essential. Without it, your role will seem repetitive, your skills could become outdated, and you are hindering your chances of success when applying for roles elsewhere, as well as in the future. To a large extent career development is down to you. You need to know which areas you want to improve in, and what your long term career goals are. You will then need to proactively communicate these goals to your boss and suggest action points for achieving these.


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