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Why You Should Consider a Tech Role In These Non-Silicon Valley Hubs

Posted by Christine Wright, Senior Vice President, Hays U.S. on Monday, Jan 13, 2020

USBlog_whyyoushouldconsiderthesecitiesSilicon Valley gets a lot of recognition as an innovation wonderland, but it’s not the only exciting place for tech talent in the U.S. There are cities across the country with tech hubs and corridors, and they’re eagerly recruiting talented developers, engineers, and project managers. Plus, these cities boast a lower cost of living, allowing tech professionals to stretch their competitive salaries even further. 


How to make a great first impression with your LinkedIn profile photo

Posted By: Beth Yovino, Director of Talent Acquisition, Hays U.S. on Friday, Jan 10, 2020

USBlog_HowtomakeagreatfirstimpressionYou have heard the sayings, “first impressions count” and “a picture says a thousand words.” That holds true for your LinkedIn profile photo. It is part of your personal brand and what makes you wonderfully unique. Savvy job seekers know they have seven seconds to make themselves memorable. They also know hiring managers want to hire people that will represent their employer in the best light. The right LinkedIn profile picture is an important element in one’s job search. You will automatically increase odds of being viewed by others by including a picture in your LinkedIn profile. In fact, some people won’t connect or respond to you if you do not have a profile picture.


Smart questions you should ask your interviewer

Posted By: David Brown, CEO of Hays U.S. on Wednesday, Jan 8, 2020

USblog_smartquestionstoaskinterviewerAsking questions is crucial to demonstrate your interest in the role and convince the interviewer that you would do the job well. Come to the meeting with a few pre-prepared questions and don’t be afraid to have a pen and paper ready to make notes. 


Work-life balance is just as important as salary

Posted Posted By: Hays Recruitment Expert on Monday, Jan 6, 2020

usblog_benefitsSalary isn't the end-all-be-all when it comes to the job hunt. It is definitely important to be paid your worth, but salary should not be the only deciding factor when choosing between taking a job or not. There are other aspects of a job that should be considered when finding your next opportunity. Since you’ll spend the bulk of your time there, you’ll want to determine if the culture is right for you. Here are some other aspects that you should consider when thinking about the type of company you want to join.


4 In-Demand Cybersecurity Niches To Pursue

Posted by Christine Wright, Senior Vice President, Hays U.S. on Monday, Jan 6, 2020

USblog_cybersecuritynichestopursueYou’re at the start of your cybersecurity career. Perhaps you’re a Security Analyst or Junior Consultant mapping out your career path.

By 2021, there will be an estimated 3.5 million vacant roles, which means cybersecurity will remain a candidate-driven market well into the future.


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