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Leader spotlight: Amy Wright – #BalanceforBetter

Posted on Wednesday, Mar 13, 2019

Balance for Better, Amy Wright|Hays US blog The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is ‘Balance for Better’, which focuses on the need to build a more gender-balanced world. At Hays, we support and value diversity in all forms—not just gender—and believe that a diverse workforce and inclusive culture are essential to business success. After over 23 years in recruitment, our Managing Director Amy Wright, provides career advice to help you create a balanced workforce.

1. What are some ways you ensure there is balance within your team?
I support balance within my team by recognizing that everyone has something to contribute. I encourage people to speak up and share their ideas. If someone sees a better way to do things, it’s important that they share it. Discussions don’t always have to be manager-led. Some of our best ideas have come from associate consultants with no staffing experience but they have great insights from their previous sales experience.

2. How do you benefit from balance both personally and professionally?
I benefit from knowing when to “switch it off” outside of work. Finding balance is about prioritizing what’s important to you and allocating the right amount of time for both work and personal life. This allows me to be more productive and fulfilled. On weekends, I make it a point to not check emails except for in the morning. That way, I can take care of what’s most important to me.

3. What motivated you to reach a leadership role in your career?
I’ve been in recruiting for over 23 years and am at a stage in my career where I want to guide others in their journey to be successful at Hays. In the same way we help our clients be successful by finding great people, I help my team to find the answers to help them do their job effectively. I also wanted to contribute to the growth of our division.

4. What advice would you give to female professionals who are starting out their career?
My advice for young female professionals is to develop their confidence. Many women are uncomfortable with promoting themselves and instead, are hoping that someone will notice their efforts and that the rewards will materialize. Unfortunately, it seldom happens this way. I would encourage them to communicate their results and how they can further contribute, particularly to their supervisor.

I also find that many women are reluctant to receive praise and take credit for their work. They can be too humble for their own good; a big challenge is for them communicate in a way that enhances their credibility and capability. Saying a lot of “uhms”, “ahs”, and fillers, for instance, shows a lack of confidence. It’s important to be direct and speak in a concise manner.

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