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International Women’s Day: Hear from successful women at Hays

Posted By Kimberly Moore, Hays Senior Business Manager IT on Monday, Mar 5, 2018

Interview with Kimberly Moore - International Women's DayFor International Women's Day, we are featuring stories from some of the successful women we have in Hays here in the US. Sharing their story with Hays and expertise, they give their career insights and advice.

From Raleigh, here is what Kimberly Moore, Senior Business Manager for IT, has to share about the career she built with Hays. 

What was your progression into your leadership role with Hays?
I began my career with Veredus, now Hays, as an IT Recruiter over 16 years ago, where I remained in a recruiter position for nearly 7 years. I built a very deep pool of candidate relationships over those years and did very well from a monetary standpoint but realized I wanted to share my success with others, so I became a mentor to the more junior recruiters. After that, I hit a point in my staffing career where I wanted to work more with clients – essentially be in a customer facing role, so I transitioned from recruitment to account management I loved getting in front of the customer and learning about the staffing challenges, and spent other several years in this role, hitting annual producer incentive awards, and once again felt successful, but I sensed a calling to “lead”. Our company at the time was in expansion-mode and started to open up additional offices in the US. I raised my hand at the opportunity to start a new office in Chicago, IL. It was a tough decision but it was always a goal of mine to start a Hays office one day, not to mention it elevated my career even further into leadership. I spent over 5 years building that office, hiring, training, coaching, selling – it was a start-up, so there were multiple hats worn. My husband and I were blessed with a third child which resulted in a move back towards the east coast where I remain today in a Sr Business Manager role. It's rewarding knowing that all the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years can be passed along, and I’m happy to share everything I know.

Did you always aspire to reach a leadership role in your career?
Not initially when I first started recruiting. As I grew, developed, and stretched my skills in both recruitment and account management, I felt very confident in my ability to coach, train, and lead.
Have you encountered any gender-specific challenges or obstacles in your career?
I’ve been extremely fortunate throughout my entire career with Veredus and then Hays. I’ve never experienced any gender-specific challenges nor obstacles here. I’ve always felt that the leadership team respected my views and opinions and encouraged me to succeed in whatever role I chose to take on.

How can women help women? Can you share any success stories?
I don’t view it as “women helping women”, I view it as people helping people. Independent of the gender, I feel strongly that everyone should be open and willing to share their experiences and knowledge with others that seek it. What I would tell other women seeking advice: Ask a lot of questions and surround yourself with strong leaders (woman or men) that are positive, motivating, and successful; leaders that want to see you succeed.

Women are more likely to than men to say they left their last employer because of company culture. What cultural changes or initiatives can employers make to better retain their female workforce? What have you seen work during your career?
I’ve worked in 3 different branch offices throughout my career previously with Veredus and then Hays. One that was an equal mix of gender ½ male, ½ female; one that was predominantly male, and one that is predominantly female. While I think it’s healthy to have a mix, my experience has been that gender hasn’t defined our culture. Our companies’ leadership invests in the development of their employees, offering career advancement opportunities and recognizing successes and achievements of everyone.

What is your advice for female professionals who are starting out their career and want to reach a leadership role?
A lot of women may hold themselves back because of the fear of the unknown. In my personal experience, balancing career with family life left me feeling insecure about my abilities. You have to work outside your comfort zone and take calculated risks otherwise you’ll miss out on opportunities that may never have been presented to you. My favourite quote is “your attitude determines your altitude”. Have confidence in yourself and surround yourself with other strong, independent, positive women that can influence you and help you rise to the top.

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