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Step one to ensuring your candidate enjoys their interview

Posted by Dan Rodrigues, CEO and Managing Director, Veredus, a Hays company, on Thursday, Dec 15, 2016

Hays Blog: Is your interview process supporting candidates?Interviews are always a two way street. You may be assessing whether this candidate is a good fit for you, but don’t forget – they are doing the exact same thing. If the person is particularly talented, chances are they will have more than one opportunity lined up. If they enjoy their interview with you, it will stand out amongst the others and you will remain the employer of choice.

Setting aside desirability, you also want to keep your company image intact and ensure the candidate walks away saying only good things about your organization. Enjoyable interviews should be part and parcel of your employer brand and internal recruitment strategy.

I believe that the key to an enjoyable interview boils down to making the interviewee feel at ease during the interview, particularly a sense of being listened to, respected, and excited about the opportunity ahead.

The first step to an enjoyable interview is to focus on giving candidates a good first impression.

Just because you are the one doing the interviewing, doesn’t mean you should keep the candidate waiting too long. Typically, a good candidate will arrive at least ten minutes early. Once you get the phone call saying they have arrived, make your way over as soon as you can.

Welcome them with a warm smile and a handshake, ask them how they are, make informal conversation about their journey, offer them a drink, basically do all you can to make them feel welcome.
By being punctual and welcoming, you will set a standard of mutual respect, show that you are just as interested in them and that they are worthy of your time.  In addition, the candidate may be nervous. Waiting around for you in reception, just to be greeted coldly, will do everything but put them at ease.

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Talk to Dan Rodriquez, CEO and Managing Director, Veredus, a Hays company about the US labour market.

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