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Could your talent gap be filled more easily than you think?

Posted by Travis O'Rourke, Vice President of Client Solutions, on Friday, Jun 9, 2017

Hays Blog: Fill your talent gapSometimes, as business grows and changes, an organization will not have all the talent it needs to satisfy the business. For many companies the answer is temporary recruitment: hiring candidates on fixed term contracts, often through staffing agencies, to respond to demands as they arise without any long-term commitment. Identifying exactly when you need to hire temp talent and when you should make use of your existing resource can be complicated.

One way to approach this challenge is to establish temp recruitment as a fixed part of your staffing strategy. For example, if you work for a company where you are always pitching for new business, you can make the decision that x per cent of your workforce will always be temporary employees. This way you don’t commit any resource to a project before it has been won and can more easily shift resource around as demands from different projects arise.

Another approach is constant planning. When planning at the start of your financial year, you should have visibility of the key upcoming internal projects, and the resources needed to complete them. Anticipate when your workload will peak or trough at certain times of year, based on previous trends. Identify early where there will likely be a strain on resource and secure budget for temp hires for a particular project or time period in advance.

By developing a temp staffing strategy, you will always have the option of using temp talent as and when you need it without any surprises. Learn more about how the contingent workforce can help you achieve your business goals, or watch our webinar about reclaiming control.

Talk to Bradley Pierson, Managing Director, Hays Talent Solutions, Americas, about the US contingent workforce market.

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