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No excuses: research before your job interview

Posted by Dave Brown, Hays | Veredus EVP, on Thursday, Mar 3, 2016

financial_markets2Researching a company before your job interview isn’t about standing out anymore. Today it’s about keeping up and staying on the short-list.

Not so long ago, job seekers who wanted to stand out in an interview were advised to research the company and interviewer. You could use your research to determine which examples of your work you should share when answering questions and any sentence starting with ‘I saw on your website…’ was sure to impress. These days that's the bare minimum.

So how can you research an organization and what should you look for? Here’s our advice:

Social media

At the very least you should search for the organization and your interviewer on LinkedIn. Like the organization on Facebook and follow them on Twitter so you are up-to-date with their latest news.

Search for the organisation and your interviewer online. Just like your social media research, you are looking for information about the organization. This could include recent executive-level appointments, expansions or new products or services.

The company website
An organization’s website will give you more detailed news and – crucially – insight into its culture, recent projects and accolades.

Websites such as Glassdoor can provide further information about a company that can’t be discovered on their website or social media pages.

Use the information you uncovered to prepare appropriate examples of your work, previous performance and way you work that show your interviewer you are the very best fit for the organisation and role.

This research should help you decide if the job is the right fit for you. Do your values align with the company's? Job-seekers can see this kind of research as a tool for winning a job offer, but fit should be a two-way street. If the company emphasizes teamwork and you prefer to work independently, that may indicate that it would not be a great fit for you.

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