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What does it take to get to the top in construction?

Posted by James Hawley, EVP Veredus | Hays, on Thursday, Feb 11, 2016

DNA VP of Construction Canada graphicA construction leader needs technical knowledge, people management skills, commercial understanding – but which are most important at each stage of a career?

Your career insights could help guide the next generation of construction leaders.

The DNA of a VP of Construction report from Hays USA is doing the first in-depth examination of the path to leadership in the construction industry. We are examining resumes and interviewing industry leaders, but we need input from VPs and directors of construction who have reached the top of their company and now have insights to share.

Internationally, Hays DNA reports have tracked the qualifications, early experience, and advanced skill sets and personality traits it takes to reach an executive position, and to excel once you get there.

Do you have a story to tell? Contact us today about taking part.

Talk to James Hawley, Hays EVP, about the US Construction market.

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