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Social media: For more than just selling

Posted by James Hawley, Hays EVP, on Friday, Feb 5, 2016

Blog Nov 9 Social media for hiringIn a recent interview, my colleague Jim Fearon discussed the need for construction employers to embrace social media in hiring. This is just as pertinent in the USA, where the construction industry is vast on a national scale, but often

So what are the best companies doing well, and how can you emulate them?

In less than 10 years social media has become a central part of our lives, including our work lives, but most companies are using social media primarily to talk to customers and clients, not to talk to employees and candidates.

"It takes an investment of time and resources on the part of the client, which is particularly challenging in this economic climate," Jim Fearon told the Journal of Commerce. "But, the facts are still the facts. The economy doesn't change our key findings."

Where is your time and energy best spent?

1. Create career specific channels
Who is in your social media network? Most companies are talking to their clients and customers and Hays Canada’s research shows that less than 10 per cent of employer networks are made up of high-quality candidates so when you share a job posting very few of your network are suitable, interested candidates. I suggest creating job-specific feeds such as on Twitter or LinkedIn where you share jobs, but also talk about what it’s like to work for your company to build your reputation as a good employer.

2. Find and share the right content
Create a content plan that engages with your potential candidates with information that is interesting and relevant to them. Sharing non-job-related content now such as news stories and blogs will build interest so when you do have a job to post, they already know who you are, and know that it will be relevant to you.

3. Engagement means two-way communication
Ask and answer questions, host polls, request feedback – engaging is not just sending information out, it is also listening and responding. Set some time aside each week to review and respond to messages and comments. This establishes your company as active, engaged and welcoming.


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