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Train your own IT talent

Posted by Dave Brown, Hays EVP, on Thursday, Feb 4, 2016

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With more demand than supply for IT professionals, one way to get the experienced team you need is to develop it internally.

Three-quarters (78%) of employers plan to pay for professional development for their full time staff in the coming three to six months.

Should you consider it for full time and contract staff?

According to our Tech Talent Guide, 80 percent of survey respondents say it is very to extremely important that their full time staff stay up-to-date on the latest technologies, compared to 50 percent in regards to their contract staff.

This could be a result of a market expectation that the contract staff that employers are hiring should already have a high level of expertise in a specific area, or a result of employers prioritizing the importance of ensuring their full time staff have the expertise needed to continue to help their business evolve and improve.

Irrespective, there is a strong emphasis on professional development, as survey respondents expect that their IT staff will engage in professional development independently monthly to quarterly.

This is likely to be a contributing reason why 38 percent of employers are looking to enhance their training and development programs to attract top IT candidates.

Seventy-eight percent of employers plan to pay for professional development for their full time staff in the coming three to six months (37% for their senior staff, 34% their mid-level staff), compared to 20 percent for their contract staff.

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