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Two-thirds of IT employers plan to hire. How can you attract the talent you need?

Posted by Dave Brown, Hays EVP, on Tuesday, Jan 19, 2016

US IT Blog: 66% plan to hire IT pros in 2016Most IT professionals are optimistic about the next year, with most expecting increasing business activity. This is driving hiring and 66 per cent of employers surveyed for our Tech Talent Guide say they will be hiring in the next three to six months.

What does this mean for those with in-demand talents – and the employers who need their skills?

The most sought after IT professionals are developers and security experts, those candidates with client facing experience and diverse project experience are most in-demand, in particular when hiring more senior and executive levels.

Employers are ideally looking for candidates with strong business acumen, business intelligence, communication skills and those who can help drive business strategy. Competition for experienced talent is fierce and as a result, employers are feeling wage pressure in these in-demand areas.

For full time workers, 57 percent of employers surveyed say they plan to increase salaries over the next three to six months, 30 percent plan to do so for contract workers.

Skills shortages are further compounding hiring challenges. Two-thirds of employers surveyed say the IT market is suffering from a skills shortage and 76 percent say the shortages are affecting business activity.

The number one cause of the skills shortage is due to too few people entering the industry, according to 42 percent of employers surveyed. With the looming retirement of the baby boomer generation, the skills gap will inevitably widen, creating even more hiring challenges.

Tech professionals
are in such demand that they can take their pick of top projects or preferred employers.

To stand out and get ahead of the competition, businesses will need to be seen as an employer of choice. Although offering competitive wages is part of being a top employer, be sure to sell relevant benefits, including training & professional development and succession plans, and perks such as flexible working hours and paid-for parking.

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