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Posted by David Brown, Executive Vice President, Veredus | Hays on Tuesday, Jan 5, 2016

New year people workingIn today’s job market, it will take much more than the right qualifications, skills and experience to land a top job in 2016. Here are 5 ways to aid your job search:

1. Align your online and offline resumes: Hiring managers will research you online, so make sure the resume you submit matches your online profile. Any discrepancies throw up a red flag. At the very least you’ll be asked some hard questions in the interview, and at worst your application could be removed from consideration.

2. Be open to contract and full-time work: Employers out there are looking for both looking for flexible workers as well as long-term staff. If you’ve always contracted in the past, think about the benefits full time jobs offer, such as healthcare and retirement plans.

3. Target realistic jobs: Employers are becoming more discerning and less patient with candidates who apply for a role that they are not suitable for. In 2016, be realistic in the roles you consider, and clearly demonstrate your suitability for a job based upon your experience.

4. Promote yourself: You need to go outside your comfort zone and promote yourself on social media to get ahead in 2016. A LinkedIn profile will not be enough if you are not active online – so like, post, share and comment on relevant content, ask for endorsements, be active in relevant groups, such as the IT Industry Insights with Hays, and showcase examples of your work and achievements.

5. Be a change agent: In our increasingly technologically sophisticated world of work it’s inevitable that significant changes lie ahead. Employers are starting to look for candidates with an appetite for change, so in 2016 make sure you are known for driving innovation, integrating technology and learning best practice from others in order to make informed changes to the way business is done.

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Find out more about David Brown, Executive Vice President, an expert in staffing in Information Technology.


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