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The healthcare sector is booming: why developments in tech mean you should consider a career in healthcare.

Posted David Brown, Executive Vice President, Veredus | Hays on Monday, Nov 2, 2015

Healthcare in ITChanges in technology are having a significant effect on the healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical industry and in turn this is driving demand for specialist niche IT skills. When planning your next career move, should you be considering the healthcare sector as an option?

Science fiction is becoming science fact in healthcare

Developments in tools such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR), telehealth services and mobile communication devices like tablets and smart phones have made a significant impact on how healthcare services are delivered. For example, wearable technologies measuring heart rates and step counts are now readily available and have made their way from the gadget world into healthcare. In Bioinformatics, biology, information technology and computer science merge together to develop the tools needed to analyze and understand biological data like in DNA. Further still, 3D printing is making waves in virtual learning as doctors are able to trial procedures on printed parts of the body without invasive surgery to patients.

What employers want – insights from hiring managers

All of this is driving the need for IT talent to support and deliver these type of projects. In our report What Employer’s Want: Information Technology, 57% of employers in healthcare / medical plan to hire IT professionals in the next 3-6 months. Furthermore, 60% of employers surveyed from the sector say they expect salaries to increase over the same time period. Last year the average life expectancy hit an all-time high in the US of 78.8 years. As the population ages, more medical services and health research are likely to be needed, if this happens this upward trend in demand for IT skills this sector is set to continue.

Top skills in demand

Employers in healthcare tell us they are targeting in the following;

  • Care Advance
  • Facets
  • 4010-5010 Conversions
  • ICD10
  • EDI
  • Microsoft Operating Systems
  • Cerner
  • PHP
  • Unix/Linux
  • SQL
  • Oracle 

So what jobs are there for you in healthcare?

Scrum master – healthcare, Chicago

Director of Architecture, Atlanta

Project Manager Transformation Lead, New York

Population health analyst, Dallas 

Software Developer, Tampa

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Find out more about David Brown, Executive Vice President, an expert in staffing in Information Technology.

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