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What Employers Want: a guide to enhancing your skills for success

Posted David Brown, Executive Vice President, Veredus | Hays on Friday, Oct 2, 2015

IT Report Intro P1 Graphic 2As the tech market evolves, the skills in demand and whom an employer is looking for varies. Even though there may be trends in specific technical qualifications required, employers are still looking for the “right person”. Gain insights into what skills employers want (both soft and technical), so you can adapt your path for future success and career advancement.

The most sought after candidates today are developers, in particular those with Java skill sets, as well as security experts. According to our recent report, What Employers Want, tech pros with client facing experience and diverse project experience will be most successful, in particular when applying to the more senior and executive levels. The key is having a strong portfolio, one that you can share with other clients. Building up your portfolio might require doing some side projects to get that very necessary experience (should you wish to progress up the corporate ladder into a leadership role). Another strong asset in today’s competitive marketplace is  being able to demonstrate SDLC on your resume. Employers are looking for candidates with strong business acumen, business intelligence, communication skills and those who can help the business drive strategy or its objectives.

I encourage candidates to look for opportunities where they manage a project end-to-end. This will help you build that necessary business experience, as employers are wanting a candidate that can not only deliver on the required tasks, but also help define business requirements.

The US IT labor market is candidate short, creating a healthy and exciting watering hole for experienced IT professionals. With the looming retirement of the baby boomer generation, the skills gap will inevitably widen, creating even more difficulty for employers and more opportunity for candidates looking to progress. This generation of workers are well versed in most areas of IT as well as have strong business understanding. Even with the concerning gap, employers will still be looking for their senior leaders to have a diverse and broad skill set and expertise. Having client facing experience will play a large role in your ability to attain these positions.

Request the full report for a more detailed look into what skills will get you the farthest, how you can use them and how understanding the future of the tech market can help you plan for future success.

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