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Mentors: maximize their knowledge to help achieve your career goals

Posted James Hawley, Executive Vice President, Veredus | Hays, on Friday, Sep 11, 2015

Working with MentorsWhen trying to figure out the best path to take to achieving your career goals it’s important to get advice from someone who achieved some of theirs within the industry. Working with a mentor will help you to make the more informed choices when navigating your career path.

Have you had a mentor before? Here are just a few of the benefits of how to make the most out of working with a mentor.

Get the best advice at the right time.
Martin Ferron, CEO and President of North American Construction Group says that getting advice from a mentor is crucial to becoming a leader in construction. Martin suggests to “Find someone that you look up to at each level that you want to emulate and follow.” As you progress, your needs may change so it’s important to get the right guidance as you explore new avenues. You should always feel ‘safe’ to bounce ideas around without judgment and it can be a good idea to sense check ideas or concerns with your mentor before going to your boss.

What lessons can you learn from their career path?
A mentor should give you a big picture view of the industry and make suggestions on where you would best fit in, based on your skills and personality. Hindsight is often crystal clear so is there anything they would have done differently in their career path? What can you do to avoid similar wrong turns? Everyone in a senior or leadership position has had to make critical decisions to get to where they are, both in their jobs and about their career path. Get their take on how to effectively weigh-up options to make the best choice.

Capitalize on their connections

Having worked in the industry for some time, your mentor should be able introduce you to a strong network of industry professionals. Connecting with industry leaders with the backing of a personal recommendation could lead to job opportunities and helps build your profile in the industry.

To find out more about how working with a mentor can benefit your career, contact your local staffing expert in construction.

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