RPO Made Simple

Part 1: The Facts & Figures

Recruitment outsourcing and managed services are transforming how companies recruit and manage their workforce.Yet the terms have such different meanings in different markets and different countries. What is RPO?

This six part series covers a market overview, explanation of the different terms and acronyms, a deeper dive into how RPO and MSP work, overview of the benefits an organisation should derive from outsourcing and tips on how to engage and procure services. Reading the series is will be a great way to increase your knowledge of this rapidly growing area of recruitment, and help you to see how you can improve the cost and efficiencies of your recruitment process in your business.

In this first article, we start with an overview of the market, introducing the key concepts, models and processes. This infographic gives you a high level overview of the content, while a more detailed article can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking on the button below.

We hope you enjoy your read! 

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Infographic Recruit_RPO part 1

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