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2013 Salary Guide Overview

Each year, Hays releases the global guide on remuneration and employment in the industry. The 2013 Salary Guide holds an unparalleled amount of data and was produced from surveying more than 25,000 oil and gas professionals from around the world


Section 1: Salary information

 Almost 50% of respondents experience an increase of 5 per cent or more to their salary, this was the second consecutive year of significant rises for the industry.

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Section 2: Industry Benefits:

In the past year, the rise in bonuses continued and now represent the the dominant mechanism by which companies attract and retain their talent.

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Section 3: Industry Employment:

Confidence in staffing levels remains high with almost a quarter of employers expecting salaries to rise by 10 percent or more in the next year

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Section 4: Economic Outlook:

Skill shortages are by far the number one concern for employers in the industry.
Confidence was delicately balanced in the year with high profits from a buoyant oil price offset by concerns over European debt and a slowdown in China's growth

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